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A spirited, engaging individual Carolyn is renown as a clinician, author, and speaker acclaimed for her expertise, passion and accomplishments in the eating disorder field.

In her early twenties, Carolyn recovered from anorexia nervosa, earned two masters degrees, became a teacher and began her career as a psychotherapist.

An impassioned and dedicated educator, Carolyn loved the 8 years she spent as a high school and community college teacher. Teaching remains an important aspect of Carolyn's work as an eating disorder therapist and as a professional trainer and supervisor.

After treating her first eating disorder client in 1979, Carolyn recognized it was her calling. Her successful treatment of those with eating disorders led her to develop and direct several inpatient eating disorder facilities during the period of 1987 to 1996.

One night in the mid-1980s, Carolyn literally had a dream about an eating disorder program she had created in a beautiful mountain setting. In 1996, ten years later, Carolyn's dream became a reality when she walked onto property near Malibu, California known as Monte Nido. Carolyn recognized the property and house from her dream and knew she was destined to turn it into the first licensed, eating disorder residential in a home setting.

Known for bringing "Care of the Soul" to her treatment philosophy and work settings, Carolyn was the first to combine eastern healing modalities, such as yoga and meditation to state of the art eating disorder treatment. She was also the first to openly hire recovered therapists, have staff and clients eat meals together like a family, and provided a unique level system where clients shopped and cooked for themselves prior to discharge.

Carolyn's humanistic, relational approach, her 5 books delineating treatment guidelines and what it takes to become recovered, combined with Monte Nido's highly successful outcome study ( spurred the growth of Monte Nido, under her leadership, into14 facilities offering a continuum of care, including another first; transitional living. Carolyn left Monte Nido & Affiliates in early 2016 while continuing to be active in the eating disorder field.

Carolyn maintains her outpatient therapy practice, "Community Counseling" and involvement in several professional eating disorder organizations and advocacy groups, continuing to share her clinical insight and wisdom in a variety of ways you can explore through this website.

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Welcome to my personal web site. For many years, this site sat with little content and attention from me while I gave my Monte Nido site all my energy and focus.

Having stepped down from Monte Nido and Affiliates after growing it into one of the best eating disorder treatment centers in the world, I am focusing on other tasks.

Browse this site and you will see I am still in
private practice as a therapist

and I am continuing to speak and write, but I am also pursuing other particular interests I feel are important.

I supervise clinicians including supervision for those seeking to become a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, CEDS.

I created a Yoga and Eating Disorder Section for this site that is dedicated to sharing information about how yoga contributes to healing from an eating disorder.

In the newest section created for Recovered Professionals, I intend to provide information, guidance, supervision, and a community for professionals and others who are recovered from an eating disorder and want to give back.

My Continuing Education tab will show you how to get credits taking my courses either in person or on line.

Additionally on this site, you will find copies of articles, excerpts from my books, descriptions of my treatment philosophy, and videos and media clips of me discussing my beliefs and my work in the field.

Every page on this site has an orange circle or half circle that you can select to get the latest events, news, or posts for the topic on that particular page.

There are many things in development so please stay tuned and sign up where appropriate to be included in a community of like interests.

And always feel free to contact me: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).